Top sexual fantasies for men

Ideally, fantasies involve the exploration of your desires and the length at which you can push your sexual boundaries and imaginations. One of the simplest yet common sexual fantasies for men is to have the partner take control of the night. It can be either a simple sexual encounter or full dominatrix depending on what you want exactly. For most men, the feeling f being perused is a great change and can be very sexy.  Most men also seem to enjoy some venerability and the women exploiting the situation; this is why ballbusting is a favourite fantasy among most males. Can you guess what the most common sexual fantasy for men is? That’s right, men love getting their partners to do things they normally would not which includes some oral sex. In this case, three is not a crowed at all when it comes to men’s sexual fantasies. As the famous saying goes, the more the merrier, this may strongly apply when it comes to this case.

Men often fantasize about things they do not commonly get in bed. This is why you will find some men having a strong desire for anal sex. It explains why one of the most commonly asked questions relates to getting a partner to enjoy it. Just like they desire domination, there are times men would like some submission in the bedroom. Most like it when they are a passive player and you are controlling almost everything. A lot of men enjoy being teased, spanked, or even tied up. You may have never heard of this, but men do really enjoy a fantasy of exhibitionism. It involves some sexual acts in public settings. They may not necessarily want to pursue this fantasy and others but they play a great role in fueling men’s sexual desires.