Anal orgasm 101 – a solo play guide for women

There is so much information you can find about talking to your partner about anal play and orgasms but almost zero information on how you can do it to yourself. Let’s be real, there are so many people looking to achieve a solo orgasm in different ways and anal just happens to be one of them. Taking charge of your anal orgasms can be hard, especially for first-timers.  This simple guide is here to help you get through the process and achieve your solo orgasm successfully. Just like any other basic activity, the first step is to get wet. Anal masturbation is all about getting in touch with your other sexual zones and achieving a high powered sexual feeling. Creating a spa area in your room will help you relax and prepare your body for sexual activity. The best way to do is pour some sweet smelling oil like lavender into a bath and relax for a few minutes.

Turning yourself on the old fashioned way will help you achieve a double orgasm which is a double win. Start with your normal routine and if that does not work, you can turn to other methods of stimulation.  Click here for sex videos that will help you get ready for your solo play.  It will take you some time to find the perfect position. It is important that you get comfortable for maximum pleasure, full penetration and the perfect orgasm. If you are not a flexible person, this will not sit well for you in a solo play. You will have to watch more videos on how you can stretch for the perfect position. Experiment with different styles until you find the perfect one for you.  Don’t forget to relax and take deep breaths during the process. also, good quality lubrication is an essential during this whole process.